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"Knowing how to manage your diabetes is key to a healthy and quality of life. ShineMed is committed to providing the management and education you need to live with diabetes."

Your Diabetes Wellness is Our Priority

Diabetes is complicated, and it takes practice to manage it in your everyday life. You may be wondering about eating balanced meals, engaging in safe physical activity, checking blood sugar, or giving yourself injectable medicines. You don't get really good at dealing with diabetes overnight. ShineMed education program helps you with all these practice skills, and knowledge. You're not in it alone!

How Will Our Program help you?

ShineMed program helps you manage diabetes by teaching practical skills and, personalized strategies to improve health outcomes. Our providers will use a variety of evidence-based educational resources to reduce the onset/or advancement of diabetes complications, improve quality of life and lifestyle behaviors, to enhance self-efficacy and empowerment. A lot of evidence found that people who participate in diabetes education program are more likely to have better overall health. 

What Education Plan/Services Do We Offer? 

ShineMed program includes individual and group education. All our programs have different topics, and your provider will decide what topics you have to attend to improve your diabetes self-management skills and knowledge.

Individual education (initial education) is a one on one education, which is to decide your knowledge levels, customized education plans, and overall diabetes management with you. This program will usually take 30 to 45 minutes. You can attend with your family members.  

Group education is consisted of 5-sessions, where you can share experiences and learn how to better manage your diabetes with peer groups. Topics often include healthy eating, being physically active, taking medicine, monitoring, problem-solving, healthy coping and reducing risks. These sessions will usually attend 2-4 people with or without family members/caregivers and take up 45 to 60 minutes. Each session will occur every week to 4 weeks. 

Is the Program Recognized by the National Diabetes Association?



No, our program is not recognized by either the American Diabetes Association (ADA) or the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (AADE) because our program is 100% customized and provided by your provider. However, as a member of ADA and AADE, our program includes all topics following national diabetes education standards. Also, this program is operated as a part of your diabetes management care during a regular office visit. Of course, you should be scheduled as an education-only visit. Therefore, there is no additional education cost except for your office visit co-pay. The cost would be varied depending on your insurance plan. 

What Does It Cost?



As mentioned above, our diabetes education will be part of your primary care services in ShineMed but needs separate multiple appointments. If you have health plans, you can pay the same as your regular visit. If you do not have insurance, ShineMed provides an affordable self-pay rate. Please ask our staff.

How Do I Enroll?



You can visit our office the same as your routine primary care visit. Your provider will make a plan for your diabetes education. If you would like to attend only a diabetes education program with keeping your current primary care provider, this is also welcome for the offering. Please ask our staff for enrollment and availability!! 


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