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ShineMed is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Nurse Practitioner (NP)- owned clinic committed to primary care and comprehensive diabetes wellness care. 

Diabetes is a costly condition, and it is essential to provide secondary and tertiary prevention across the self-management education program with diabetes. ShineMed offers an on-site diabetes education program developed by Eunyoung Lee, founder of the practice, as part of the practice.

ShineMed would alleviate the issues with burden and access to primary care services and also help to reduce the expensive utilization of specialty and emergency room services related to chronic conditions, especially diabetes management.

Additionally, ShineMed will provide the benefit of primary care for the Korean Community that lacks Korean-Speaking providers in the Houston-Katy area and as well as medical services for people who are not insured or have high-deductible plans.

Who We Are




ShineMed is located in Katy, Texas, and services communities within a 15-miles radius of the Houston/Cinco Ranch/Cypress region. 

Where We Locate




ShineMed offers primary care, and comprehensive diabetes management is based on a primary care setting focusing on health education and wellness. There are health care services that ShineMed will be offering in the office and virtual:

  • Physical exam/preventive care

  • Comprehensive diabetes wellness care (appropriate labs, foot exam, cholesterol, and screening, customized weight management, and endocrinologist collaboration to improve the outcomes of patients with uncontrolled diabetes)

  • Individual and group diabetes self-management program

  • Other chronic disease management

  • Acute disease management

  • House-call services for bed-ridden clients or the geriatric population if needed

What We Offer


  • Provide comprehensive, high-quality, convenient, affordable primary care services to those age 13 and over in the West Houston area.


  • Become the recognized leader for primary care-based comprehensive diabetes care services that are allowed to be rendered by a doctoral-prepared nurse practitioner.


  • Respect: we will treat every patient with compassion, courtesy, honesty, and dignity in each interaction and communication

  • Excellent: we will perform at the highest standard, dedicated to professionalism, proficiency, and safety.

  • Teamwork: we will cultivate a relationship with our community, patients, and team members, providing quality care as one family.

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