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What Is Acute Illness?

An acute disease appears suddenly and lasts for a short amount of time. Many acute diseases can be self-limiting and may go away on their own or can be treated with a simple course of antibiotics or other prescription medication. 

However, some acute diseases come suddenly and produce life-threatening symptoms. These include heart attack, asthma attack, pneumonia, appendicitis, organ failure, and acute bronchitis. These more serious acute diseases require urgent medical care. If you suspect you may have a severe acute illness, it's important that you call 911 or go to your local emergency room.

ShineMed Offers For Diagnosing And
Treating Almost Any Type Of Acute Illness, Including:

  • ​Cold

  • Flu

  • Sinus Infection

  • Skin Rash

  • Bronchitis

  • Minor Sports Injury

  • Urinary Tract Infection

  • Ear infections

  • Strep Throat

  • Pink Eye


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