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IV Infusion Pricing

We have a variety of nourishing IV therapies to choose from. 

Discuss with your provider what infusion will be suitable for you. 

Most of our IV infusions pricing ranges from $100 to 150 

We also offer infusion with a discount price if you use package plans that are sharable with

family and friends. 

Once purchased, the clinic will have 1 year to use the infusion package in full.

($20 discount for clinic's established patients from original pricing

-Only IV infusions; no discount applies for packages and injections)

     Hydration Infusion


     Customized Infusion


IV Infusion Package Pricing

Any Infusion above the lists will be available with the below package plans. 

2 Pack


3 Pack


5 Pack


Injections Pricing

Vitamin D3 (*May require laboratory result)


Vitamin B12


Skinny Shot (Lipo MICC)


Tri-Immune Boost Shot


Anti-Infection Shot (L-Lysine)



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