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How Long Does It Take For An IV Infusion To Work And The Effect Last?

IV and injection therapy is highly effective in providing almost immediate results in the patient; most results within 15 to 90 minutes of the infusion/injection.

Some effects are felt long-term, while others are more short-term in nature. For example, treating a hangover is short-lived, and an NAD+ (one of the nutrients for anti-aging) injection can be felt for a week, but most people feel effects for 1 to 2 weeks.

How Often Can I Have IV & Injection Therapy?


IV or injection therapy vary based on two factors, including metabolism and activity level. If an individual has a high metabolism, they will "metabolize" the vitamins quicker. Activity level is energy exerted, which burns "fuel." For example, an athlete will utilize the vitamins much faster than an average person.  Therefore, in those situations where IV therapy is utilized to promote your overall wellness, one infusion or injection every 1 to 2 weeks are reasonable based on their feeling.

Is IV Therapy Safe? What Are The Side Effects?



IV or injection treatments are mostly harmless but are important to make sure you're getting the treatment in a safe, clean environment. Be sure the IV is administered by a trained professional using only sterile needles.

Most common side effects include IV and injection site irritation (bruising, infection, extravasation, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, bleeding, and hematomas), allergic anaphylactic reaction,  and vasovagal reaction (fainting, needle phobia), etc.

Before IV infusions, ShineMed will assess vital signs and the patient's health history to ensure a safe treatment.

How Long Does IV Therapy Take?



The typical time required for IV therapy is between 30 and 90 minutes. On average, you can expect this process to be around 45 minutes, but this depends on your age and weight, plus the chosen IV type. Some IV therapy uses a slow-drip technique, but the total visit shouldn't last more than 2 hours at the maximum.

Does Insurance Cover IV Therapy?



IV Infusions and most vitamin injections are not FDA approved and unlikely to be covered by health insurance unless they are truly dehydrated or medically necessary. Often this is a life enhancement. 


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